This journey began with an inspired mummy wanting to support other mums with their creative ventures.
Having four kiddies of her own and a passion of arts and crafts this new venture of enlightenment.....

 Creative Seed Collective.

The Aim: To Share, acknowledge and inspire other kiwi mums creative ventures, with no return or money other than goodwill. Being a modern day mummy can be "overwhelming" in this day and age.

Daily demands of a mum can take a lot of time and energy with little left for mum herself.

CSC wants to inspire and fuel the entrepreneurial fire of all mums "creative ventures" big or small. Something to be proud of and supported by like minded mums.

With the power of social media and nous of positive free spirited mums, why not support, share, post, and review products/services of other like minded mums. Not only are we actively giving back by reviewing, referring and supporting mums but we are also inspiring their "our" creative inner flare that day to day life can dim.

Creative Seed Collective truly believes in six degrees of separation, and the power of positivity and love can spread.

My Story

Inspired kiwi mum Jacqueline Jade Jones, mum of four wanted to dress her babies in free-spirited designs that reflected her unique style. Her love of cultural designs and diversity has influenced the creation of ‘Bodhi Babes' - unique, free-spirited, high quality baby harem pants.

Passionate about ‘keeping it kiwi’, Bodhi Babes are designed and made in New Zealand using the most ethical and organic fabrics.
This also includes the 
Bodhi Hemp range for our environmentally conscious mums and bubs. Made of organic hemp fibres this fabric is the most eco-friendly, sustainable and versatile fabric. 


Harems’ that are unique, set your babes apart from every other store bought product and tell a story.
To compliment the harem range, are cute headbands and bibs.
With matching mummy pants being designed (watch this space).

Have a bit of fun, mix and match the patterns. We cannot wait to see your bubs modelling our Kiwi made, unique range.